free speech and language screenings!

Now through October 31, 2019

The Speech and Language Center is offering FREE speech and language screenings now through October 31, 2019. The purpose of the screenings is to allow the community to access information about their child's developmental milestones in the realm of speech and language acquisition. If the child's screen yields information that may suggest a delay or difference, the speech-language pathologist (CCC-SLP) will counsel you on next steps. 

Early intervention is KEY when identifying delays or differences in speech or language development. This includes concerns about how your child speaks (articulation), how your child processes information, how your child follows directions, how your child answers or asks questions, fluency of your child's speech, attention or behavioral challenges, vocabulary, sentence structure, reading, writing or general access of the academic curriculum.

Our mission is to provide access to all families that may have questions, comments or concerns about their child's development.

Screenings are 30 minutes in duration and by appointment only

The screening visit is FREE

All ages welcome!

If the child qualifies for further testing, an evaluation will be recommended. We will provide you with counseling regarding next steps of the evaluation process - whether at our facility, at school or another local facility. Our goal is to supply our community with as much education and information as possible so the child can master their goals.

The evaluation will occur on another day by appointment. The evaluation is not free and subject to potential financial responsibility of the family. You will be provided with ample information before any appointment occurs requiring financial responsibility. 

Interested in a free screening?

Want to book an appointment? Contact us via phone or email. Please be sure to mention FREE SCREEN (not evaluation) when booking online or via phone. This will reduce any confusion on the appointment type you seek. 

We hope to see you soon! Click the link to get started!

Our Story


We are a progressive private practice that has provided Speech Therapy services to the Merrimack Valley and North Shore Communities of Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire for more than twenty years and continues to be at the forefront in treatment of a wide range of problems that affect communication skills.  We treat a full range of speech and language disorders in infants, children, adolescents, and adults.

We are proud to share with you two conveniently located locations for our clinics: 

The Speech and Language Center in North Andover, MA

Speech Therapy Solutions, Inc. in Salem, NH

The Speech and Language Center was established in 1988 by Barbara Gordon, M.S., CCC/SLP and Sheila Therrien, M.S., CCC/SLP in North Andover, MA. Throughout the years this clinic has been a staple to the Merrimack Valley in speech and language therapy services in the clinic, in schools and in local hospitals. 

Speech Therapy Solutions, Inc. was established in 2006 by Kim Carroll, M.S., CCC/SLP in Salem, NH. Services have been offered throughout Southern New Hampshire and the Merrimack Valley in clinic, in homes and around the community. 

The two centers formed together in May of 2017 and are committed to continuing to provide high quality, dynamic speech-language therapy services.

Our Centers are dedicated to building communication skills necessary for social, emotional, and academic success for children and adults.  We specialize in evaluation and treatment of a variety of speech and language disorders within a warm, friendly, state-of-the-art out-patient facility.   

Our highly trained clinicians are committed to providing comprehensive services to the clients we treat.  We are recognized for the time we take to answer questions, work with other professionals, and patient and family training, with emphasis on generalization of skills within the home, community, and school. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our practice and staff.  

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